30 Apr

Eikon-Thomson Reuters Workshops at the GFC

The Gulf Financial Center (GFC) has organized two workshops facilitated by Thomson Reuters on Eikon, the ultimate set of financial analysis tools. Eikon software is used by financial professionals to monitor and analyze financial information. It provides access to real time market data, news, fundamental data, and analytics, trading and messaging tools. It also improves research insights and productivity with rich and relevant news, charts, analytics, and Excel add-ins.

The first workshop was scheduled on Monday, April 23rd from 12:30 to 1:30 pm in the GFC for Finance students. The workshop is particularly important to the students because it helps to improve their performance beyond the walls of the classroom, by learning technical skills within a trading room context to understand the trading operations. The one hour workshop helped the students to understand how to use Eikon’s sophisticated screening tools, in which it enabled students to select a universe of companies, set filters, sort, group, and aggregate data using their own fully customizable reports for deep and meaningful investment analysis.
The second workshop was scheduled on Wednesday, April 25th from 12:30 to 1:30 pm for Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) Faculty members.

The faculty members’ workshop focused on Datastream Application. Datastream is a powerful financial time series database that enabled the GUST faculty members to explore relationships and trends, perform correlations, generate and test investment and trading ideas and develop view points on the market.

According to Mrs.Yasmin Galal, Client Specialist at Thomson Reuters, “Thomson Reuters is the leading source of financial information, globally – making us the indispensable choice for universities undertaking research and offering courses in capital markets and banking.” With its open, app-based design and highly graphic interface, Eikon delivers immediate, intuitive access to everything a person needs for research and learning.S6S5F4F2F1

07 Jan

Safe Trading Course Article

The Gulf Financial Center (GFC) held the Trading in the Global Financial Market Course organized by Safe Trading Company and sponsored by ICM Capital UK. The course was given for three days from the 7th until the 9th of December 2015, and was attended by over 30 students. This unique program has provided students with real life, practical trading strategies, bolstered by personal mentoring sessions from two professional trainers from UK.

The sessions demonstrated how the real life trades are developed, implemented and tracked. Students also were given the opportunity to analyze and professionally manage their investment portfolios. By the end of the program, the students were able to develop their own trading methodology and to get an understanding of how they can pave a path towards profitability.

01 Dec

Gulf University for Science and Technology Launches the Gulf Financial Center

Gulf University for Science and Technology Launches the Gulf Financial Center

MISHREF, Kuwait – (Tuesday Dec. 1st, 2015). The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) – College of Business Administration – Economics and Finance Department launched the Gulf Financial Center (GFC) during the Second Annual Economics and Finance Day.

The Gulf Financial Center is a an initiative developed and supported by the Amiri Diwan, Gulf University for Science and Technology and a group of leading companies from the private sector.

The event was held in the presence of Dr. Yousef Al-Ebraheem, Advisor to the Amiri Diwan, Mr. Adel AlMajed Vice Chairman and CEO of Boubyan Bank and Mr. Faisal AlBader, Chairman of Kuwait Economic Society.

Highlighting the great importance of educational institutions as an engine of economic growth and development, Professor Donald Bates, GUST’s President said “We continually find new ways to enhance the GUST experience by organizing events that bring together great minds and present unique viewpoints to the benefit of our community”.

Gulf University for Science and Technology Launches the Gulf Financial CenterDr. Sulaiman Al-Abduljader, (GFC Director) introduced the Gulf Financial Center as the first academic applied financial center in the Middle East.  He stressed on the fact that it is our responsibility throughout this center to empower the young generation and enhance their knowledge and experience in financial literacy and igniting their entrepreneurial spirits and SME development to strengthen their contribution to the country’s transformation vision of becoming the region’s financial center by 2035.

He also highlighted the series of identified and carefully designed impact-driven programs that target academic curriculums, student active participation, community outreach and intellectual and social contributions.  As well, the center’s functions that involves Mentorship, Research/Publications, Trading Simulations, Active and Action-based Learning and Funding Ventures and Projects.

Gulf University for Science and Technology Launches the Gulf Financial CenterFrom that podium Dr. Bates, Dr. Al-Abduljader, Dr. Al-Ebraheem, Mr. Al-Majed and Mr. Al-Bader walked to a stage that was created by the concept of the stock exchange ring bell and rang the bell of the GFC opening. Later, they were toured through the venue and introduced to the setup of high tech resources the center is equipped with in order to achieve the center’s objectives.

The Economics and Finance Day is an annual activity established to help increase awareness among the GUST community about the importance of economics and finance in understanding the interdependent global economy of the twenty-first century.


GUST continues to build on its mission to become a knowledge-hub that benefits and engages students, academics, and the wider Kuwait community as a whole.


12 Oct

The Gulf Financial Center soft launch orientation

The Gulf Financial Center soft launch orientation

The Gulf Financial Center soft launch orientation to the faculty team of the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST).

MISHREF, Kuwait – Oct. 12, 2015. The Gulf Financial Center (GFC) organized a soft launch event to the faculty team of the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). The event was held in the presence of Dr. Sulaiman Al Abduljader, Director of GFC.

Dr. Abduljader explained to the faculty team that GFC was initiated to become the country’s foundation in accomplishing Kuwait’s vision of becoming the region’s financial hub by 2035. From this position Dr. Abduljader shared with the faculty team the different goals and targets to empower the young generation in Kuwait to contribute to the country’s transformation mission. Dr. Abduljader added that the GFC will be concentrating on enhancing the knowledge and experience for the youth in financial literacy and igniting their entrepreneurial spirits and SMEs development. By the end of the event, he walked them through the venue and demonstrated the setup of high tech resources, such as the smarts screens and boards the center is equipped with in order to achieve the center’s objectives.

30 May

Thomson Reuters Eikon Partnership

Thomson Reuters Eikon Partnership

Thomson Reuters Eikon, the world leading provider of intelligent information for business & professionals chooses the Gulf Financial Center as a partner for its Technical Analysis workshop.

On October 26th and 27th, 2015, Thomson Reuters Eikon held a workshop on Technical Analysis. The workshop was conducted by BETA Group’s Trevor Neil, a renowned expert and among Europe’s top leading and most experienced technical financial analyst and fund manager. Trevor has been a trader for nearly 40 years. As well as managing one fund and advising on another, he consults to major institutions working with traders and analysts to develop their advanced market timing skills. He does this through seminars, mentoring and consultancy.

Mr. Neil was impressed with the level of awareness and support the country is putting behind financial education of young generation

The course was conducted for a selected number of 10 trainees from different private enterprises at the Gulf financial Center premises, the First Academic Applied Financial Center in the Middle East that is located in the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST)

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Abduljader, Director of the Gulf Financial Center commented ‘It is a pleasure to work with Thomson Reuters in supplying state-of-the-art facilities and business intelligence to the investment community. The GFC is committed towards partnering with industry leaders to provide the market with a unique interactive culture of learning while embracing the values impact investing. The GFC shall fulfill its intended role towards applied education, contribution to society and the environment.

Said Ms. Yasmin Galal, Client Specialist – Investments, at Thomson Reuters: “It’s great to see the level of dedication and enthusiasm from the GFC’s staff members and their openness to new and innovative ideas. From planning to running the workshop, I have to say it was a true success story and the feedback from the trainees, who are well established financial professionals, was superb. We at Thomson Reuters look forward to more collaboration with GUST and the GFC.”

It is worth mentioning that Thomson Reuters has selected the GFC due to the fact that it is the first of its kind in the region that is specializes in offering investment access to SMEs and alternative investment exposure to the student body in the ME to enhance their financial literacy with its high tech resources such as the smarts screens and boards, while Thomson Reuters can achieve their goal in building a computational financial simulation and delivering the most global, comprehensive and accurate data it its customers throughout this partnership.

Adding value to The GFC’s initiatives, Thomson Reuters offered to study possibility of running the simulation trading model they otherwise offer to universities. This is expected to greatly enhance the learning experience of our students as well as sharpen their professional learning GFC is committed to achieving its mission of elevating the financial skills of the generation and becoming a major contributor in achieving Kuwait’s vision of becoming the region’s leading financial center.

11 Nov

GUST organizes 1st Economics & Finance Day

Second speaker was H.E. Mr. Anas Al-Saleh, Minister of Finance, who stressed on the plans and strategies put in place to develop the country’s economy, and a big part of it includes the youth. There are institutions put into place to help the youth develop their ideas and realize their business ambitions and in turn, develop the country’s economy. “Dear students, Kuwait is looking to you to utilize your education and experience and talents to grow and develop its economy. We will be there to guide and help you, but at the end, it’s all up to you. We wish you the best of luck in your education and beyond.”

Dr. Mohammad Zuhair took the podium next, National SME Fund Chairman, who spoke candidly about the fund, its purpose and its goals. The main objective of the fund is to create proper jobs for the youth through self-employment. “It’s important to capitalize on your time now when you are young and in university, you have the ability to think outside the box and even once you graduate you will be ready and able to take risks and grow. The fund is here to support entrepreneurs. Think of majors that will give you a solid background and skills to start your business in the future.”

Eng. Fahad Al-Mukhaizeem, General Manger of Strategy and Corporate Affairs at the Kuwait Finance House, spoke next. “On behalf of KFH, I am honored to be here today. We have a long standing partnership with GUST since its inception as the first private university in Kuwait back in 2002 which is still continuing to grow with time. We are very happy to see that growth and how its opening new doors while adding value and knowledge to our society.” Al-Mukhaizeem discussed recent developments at the bank and the growth of the Islamic Banking industry as a whole and encouraged students to join the movement and namely, in the private sector where they can be challenged and utilize “their tools and weapons of a good education.”

Dr. Mohammad Elian, Acting Dean of the College of Business Administration, spoke about the fundamental changes in society and how to reflect those in our curricula. While Professor Frederick Wallace discussed how economics transformed the world and how the Kuwait economy is being transformed.

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Abduljader spoke next starting with a presentation on the Gulf Financial Center, showcasing the documentary “Al-Manakh,” and then discussing the road map for future financial leaders. The last speaker was Yousif Abdelbassit, one of GUST finance alumni and Descatter founder. Mr. Abdelbassit spoke about how to unfreeze sleeping resources, connect people, increase their income and create a brighter future. The successful event was organized by the Economics & Finance Department at GUST led by Dr. Fida Karam, Dr. Sulaiman Al-Abduljader, Dr. Salah Nusair, and Dr. Khaled ElMawazini. In this context, the department would like to thank the Students Association for their help and support.